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Commission Complaints

The complaints against WyzAnt’s 40% commission demands a response.

Suppose a tutor with 15 hours of work time through WyzAnt charges $40 an hour. Of that amount, WyzAnt will automatically deduct $16. This deduction is based on WyzAnt’s commission rate, which is 40% for the first 20 hours of work time. So the tutor is not earning $40 an hour; rather, the tutor is earning $24 an hour. According to a number of individuals, WyzAnt’s 40% commission rate is too high, way above average. Some folks, oddly enough, have even posted complaints on other websites. Why?

Here's some food for thought.

1. Twenty-four dollars an hour is higher than any state’s hourly minimum wage.

2. You can create your website for tutors and charge a lower commission.

3. If you tutor for an hour you will be paid $24.

4. If you don’t tutor for an hour you will not be paid $24.

5. Twenty-four dollars is more than zero dollars.

6. You don’t have to stay with WyzAnt, but before you leave the colony see numbers 3, 4, and 5.

7. You can easily increase your hourly rate (Would you rather earn 60% of $50 or 60% of $40?)

8. How did you find that WyzAnt student?

9. How did that WyzAnt student find you?

10. The unemployment rate is still 9.1%. Many of them would love the opportunity to earn $24 an hour.

11. The commission rate is not a hidden fee. It's easily found and clearly stated: Just click on Help and then go to Payment Policies.

12. After 20 hours of tutoring, Wyzant’s commission rate decreases, and it continues to do so as the tutor accumulates hours in tutoring.

13. Joining WyzAnt cost zero dollars. So how many hours will it take to make a profit? Amazing! One hour.

The question has been asked: How much money do people want? A million? Ten million? Nope. A person always wants one more dollar than what they have.

Strange that a person would agree to work for an hourly rate and then as an employee complain about that same hourly rate a month later. (I think I will post this article at sites that have the commission rate complaints posted.)