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Elisha and Adarius - SAT - Senior Ability

Two of my senior math students have worked for the last 3 weeks to prepare for the S.A.T. When students have struggled so tremendously on S.A.T. Math, they sometimes get discouraged. However, for the last 3 weeks, we have worked on algebraic fundamentals, key rules and principles, a variety of problem types, and S.A.T. practice questions. They worked very hard, did not get everything, but I am confident that each will improve their scores 50+ points. We set this number as a goal for tomorrow's test. Both plan to take the test again December 3, 2011. The goal for this test is 50+ more points than tomorrow's scores for an overall total increase of 100+. If these guys can achieve 60% on the Math test, this is a job well done. Good luck tomorrow, guys. You should be feeling much more confident in your ability to do these tests. Make Mom and Dad (and me) proud!