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Yesterday was another Great Day to be a Tutor - Regents Geometry

I am always writing about a proud moment I experience while tutoring a student or students. Well this time the proud moment is about a new student through WyzAnt, whom I am tutoring. The first day that I met her, she looked so exasperated and overwhelmed. I told her not to worry, I was going to put some materials together and with hard work she will see improvement. So we spent two hours of practicing Geometry for the Regents. I would have her attempt the problems first and then assist her if she had any difficulty.

We did many problems and I gave her about 5 problems for home work. Yesterday when I met with her, she had completed the home work and they were all right. She even showed how she arrived at the answer. I gave her some more problems to do, and unlike last week, she was able to do some on her own and arrive at the correct answers. You could see the pride in her face, and I was very proud of her. I left her copies of all the problems that we have been working on and some new ones for home work. I know that she will take the time to practice the problems and at least attempt the new problems. I am so proud of her.

Now I will be working hard putting more materials together for her. I am sure next week will be great!


I am very sorry to say that this student failed the exam by one point. Her heart must have been so broken to have come so close. However, I am still very proud of her, because she has come so far comparing to when I first met her. I am sure she will pass the exam on the next try.

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