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One of the biggest challenges for students taking the NCLEX is having a good grasp of nursing content.   There is a lot to learn in nursing and although basic nursing care remains the same, there is a lot of information that is written in some huge text books that is overwhelming.  For students who have problems passing their NCLEX I usually recommend that they review and acquire a good grasp of nursing fundamentals in relation to care.  In the end this is a nursing exam that they are taking.   Dr. H.Barker

As children, we were surrounded by a word-rich environment full of sounds. Sometimes we heard the voices of our parents, the radio, or TV; other times we heard the cadences of song, where rhythm and instruments met sounds and syllables. As a language learner, it can help to think of yourself as an infant again, creating a word-rich environment for yourself that includes songs.   I encourage language students to listen to songs because:   1) It's fun. You've got to be motivated to learn!   2) You learn slang words because the language comes from a real-world source, not a textbook-manufactured source.   3) You will implicitly learn about the source culture as you absorb the meaning of the song and who the artist is.   4) It's a great way to learn new vocabulary, which you can often deduce from context clues.   5) And perhaps the best reason: you will learn how to differentiate between the various sounds (phonemes)... read more

I really wish there were a less pedestrian and more professional way to type formulae in answers and/or when talking to students through the WyzAnt website. Something like MathJax for instance.   Things that should take 10 minutes top become instead a Herculean task and, often, when dealing with complex math notation, the results are next to pitiful and hard to see clearly anyway.   I have seen forums run by people who share a common interest and not for profit adopting MathJax or something similar. I am sure that WyzAnt which essentially gets paid to provide its products, could easily afford to consider investing some time and effort in making tools already in existence out there and free to use  to use available for tutors to type.    So not cool when the tools are barely suitable to type elementary math at best. One hour of typing to compose an answer to a higher math problem that takes... read more

As with most college students, statistics is a really hard subject to grasp, even for somebody that is good in math (i.e. algebra,calculus, etc.).   What one needs to realize is that although a good foundation in mathematics is needed to truly understand statistics, the concepts behind the use of statistics is actually quite simple.   Since I have always enjoyed hunting and fishing, I always love bringing up the example of the mathematicians and statistician that went hunting.   So, 2 mathematicians and a statistician went hunting for deer.  Both were standing in the same stand and talking about all the fun things in life, when all of a sudden the biggest and nicest buck on the property staggered into the area.   The first mathematician pulled his bow back and shot towards the deer.  Unfortunately the arrow missed it's target high and the mathmatecian became really sad.  Reveling in this new found opportunity,... read more

Would you like to earn a grade that is one letter higher?    Here's the tip!   Before you turn in your paper, make sure to follow these basic steps:   Make sure you answered all the questions.  After all that work you don't want to miss points because you forgot to go back to that question you skipped. Make sure you followed the directions all the way.  Be careful and re-read the directions for each section.  Sometimes students miss a lot of points because the questions were two part questions, and the students only answered one part on each question.  In which case, half of the points would be lost. Make sure to double check all calculations if doing math work, and double check punctuation, spelling, and grammar if writing an English document.  Sometimes students miss points because they were going a little too fast, or for whatever reason made "silly" mistakes.  Just double check.  That... read more

Thought I'd pass on this useful tool I came across.  Our local library has two rooms with Smartboards that one can reserve for tutoring.  Right now I am tutoring a young lady who is taking Spanish II on line through the local school district.  She can access her website right there in the tutoring room on a 50-inch television/monitor screen.  That way we can both be looking at your website at the same time (instead of huddling in front of her laptop).  It has made our tutoring sessions way more productive.  Check our your local libraries and see if they have something like that.  Also, the Smartboard can also be set up in paintbrush and be used like a 'whiteboard'.

Book 4: "a book of short stories"   I checked off "A book of short stories" and read this anthology edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. Gaiman begins the book with an introduction discussing how they collected the stories for this volume. He talks about the idea of four words that indicate a great story: "And then what happened?" This collection is stories that made him and Sarrantonio want to keep turning pages to see what happened next. I definitely see that common thread throughout the anthology. I also enjoyed the fact that each story was from a different author, and that most of the authors were ones I'd never read before. I'll almost certainly look up more of their work now that I've gotten a taste of what they can do. The stories are all over the place in terms of setting, plot, characters, and writing style, though all have at least a little bit of that Gaiman-esque supernatural about them. I found that most... read more

-Ask questions until you find the student's favorite places to go and things to do. Make sure and act out examples from the lesson using those places as a setting/backdrop or activities as the action in the story.    -Watch for student alertness and turn on music and play musical chairs in the tutoring room for 30 seconds as a brain break.    -Give the student the "phone a friend" option if he/she gets stuck on a question and really phone a friend and see if they can help out.    -Take tutoring selfless when the student gets a difficult question correct.    -Play "Fear Factor" by placing a stick figure drawing of the student in crazy situations on the dry erase board until the student saves his stick figure self by solving a problem or answering a difficult question. 

You may think that the main purpose of a math course is to instruct you on dealing with numbers.  But actually, the main purpose of most math courses is to train your mind.  Train your mind in how to think, how to memorize, how to relate one thing to another, how to assess reasonableness, and how to perform mental calculations to assess reasonableness of an answer.  For this reason, it is important in any math class for students to spend some time working out problems, thinking about how they arrived at their answers, and thinking about how reasonable their answer is in light of the problem.  It is definitely time-consuming to study math classes because of this necessity of working out problems and thinking about them.  A math class cannot be undertaken lightly, or just by getting "the answer" from someone.  A student must understand how the answer is to be arrived at, and how the answer can be justified.  So, do not take your math classes... read more

In my past 15 years of experience in tutoring and 10 years of child care I have heard MANY people say you must have lots of patience. Even though one must have patience when working with children one must also have understanding and a passion for working with children. When I say one must have understanding I mean children have different situations and ways of life at home that will effect the way they act at school. So please remember when having to deal with a difficult child at work or during a tutoring or during a lesson session just remember they might be going through something in there life that you are not aware of.    And when I say a passion for working with children I mean is that one must be truly passionate for what they do especially when working with children.

For homework, S. drew small sketches of people - two from photos and one from life. They were careful and meticulous, which usually happens when drawing from photos. They also were very linear and tightly drawn. During the lesson, we darkened the room a bit and put a spotlight on two very different objects: a curvy tin teapot and a large butternut squash. We discussed gradations of shadow, reflection, and various charcoal techniques for rendering light and dark, including "glazing" , crosshatching, and broad strokes with the side of the charcoal. (These techniques also work for graphite). To improve her first sketch, I suggested she use the "framing tool". This resulted in the second sketch having a much stronger composition. S. has proven to be capable of drawing larger, and more freely. Her conceptual grasp of technique is remarkable for a beginner. She is becoming adept at breaking down complex shapes into components and getting them accurately on the page. We... read more

Hello.  My goal is to make learning effective and fun!  How?  I use visual outlines, stories you can relate to, exercises that are effective for learning, I am patient, and I am good at inventing methods of learning specific to each student.

Ah, summer.  It's almost here!  Once the end-of-school bell rings, most students are ready to be done with any form of schoolwork until August.  But summer is a very valuable tutoring time, and I'd like to advocate for summer tutoring.    Seeing a tutor in the summer is a great opportunity for those students who passed their current level of French (or another subject) with a low grade and/or are not feeling confident of success in the next level.  A tutor can help review the material, catch the student up, and help him/her get ready for the next level.  A tutor may even be able to work ahead to give the student a running start once school starts again.   Summer tutoring is a great opportunity for AP/IB students (even lower-level IB students) to keep their skills fresh during the long summer break.  Often, there is summer homework to be done, and a tutor can help with that.  Even more valuable is the speaking & listening... read more

Hi, I can teach k-12 Art. Have a degree in Graphic Design. Currently working as an art teacher in Pearland working for Shadycrest elementary, looking for another part-time art position. Pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil and acrylic are the mediums I use.  Weekends or after school. Worked for "Escape and Paint", currently on call there. Been painting for 40 years. Specializing in realism, portrait, landscape and decorative art. Favorite art period is impressionism. Favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassot. This does not mean that I don't like nor appreciate today's art. These artist have initially inspired me to paint. After school and weekend hours are open.  

No set of standards can be perfect, but I think Common Core is a great start - everyone can benefit from knowing what "average" is and what would be required to surpass that, or, decide to hold off until later.  Any additional topics that a parent feels should be known can be covered as a homeschooling project.

1. Twitter ( )- a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. You can ask students to post 100 characters on twitter. Connect the language with life. 2. Online dictionary- look for new words or terms 3. flickr ( )- a web to share photos with classmates 4. listen to this ( )-copy or type an article, it will read the content in either male voice or female voice. 5. Voki ( )- Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters… animals, monsters, anime etc. 6. Voice Thread ( )- A Web-based digital-storytelling application that enables you to share your stories or slideshows through audio, images, videos, or text with others online. 7... read more

Happy mid-April!   Can you believe the school year is already winding down? Because the end of the year is upon us, I am looking for some summer tutoring experiences with any student who is looking to gain some success over the summer! I love working with students in the summer months. Sometimes I even bring popsicles :)   Whether you want to increase a reading level, work on some extra writing skills, or just practice some great studying techniques, I am sure we can find success.    Please contact me via my profile for information! Thanks! 

Many students now days give up after trying two to three times so I would like to say That #life is like a #cricket where you are the #batsman and #ball are the opportunities. If one ball goes other ball will come which means if one opportunity is gone let it go away but what more important is stay on the field and let the other opportunity come. there are no limit on opportunities  it comes and go if u strike one you go ahead if you lose doesn't matter wait for the other #opportunity to come but don't live the field and run. What's more important is to stay on field and to wait for opportunity.

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