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What happened to the teachers that actually take the time out to make sure all of their students are grasping the concepts being taught? Not just failing the student instead of saying "Hmmm....this student has been failing the past few months! Let me help!" ????? My student is not stupid. He is in fact very bright. Though at times he just tries to rush through and doesn't read the problem thoroughly, I have found ways to help him understand and slow down on these things. Now why is it that I am with him an hour a week and his teacher is with him hours upon hours 5 days a week and is not seeing the same that I am seeing? Does anyone else have this problem? It has me so ticked off because I see the problems he is making and I have yet to receive my Teaching Degree, yet a woman who has had hers for years is lacking in this area?!? I am attempting to go along with what she is teaching him in school, but he tells me that she does not go over it and when he asks for help,... read more

I understand that school is not always easy for everyone. Certain subjects can be daunting and I can help. I have spent many years working with students using the Cornell note taking system, and teaching students how to read a textbook effectively. There are many "games" that a student can be successful in while studying, while in class, and while doing homework or taking tests. After over 25 years as an educator, I promise that you will do better in school. 

Study Skills Part 1: Fighting Procrastination It is always the same: You just think about the German vocabulary you have to learn, or about the historical dates you should know---and hey, presto, you find yourself checking E-mails, updating your Facebook site, or cleaning the windows to perfection like you have never done before. There is a word for this phenomenon: procrastination. Although this isn't per se a bad habit, it can be very annoying in quite different areas of your life. You know what? I just did it. I planned to publish this blog post last week. At first, it felt very rewarding to clean the windows instead of working to finish and present the post. However, it was not sustainable. „When we procrastinate, we know we are acting against our own best interests.“ (Steel [2010], p. 3) There is no doubt the long term effect of procrastination is just nasty. You are waiting for the good news? Here it is. It's easy to fix. You will become the master... read more

Am I the only being affected by the winter weather?  I've missed two weeks of tutoring.  We are suppose to get more snow and ice.  If I have to cancel tomorrow, that will make 3 Weds in a row!!!  Enough already.

I am always so happy to hear comments from my students and parents about wanting to come visit me!  I love it when my students think that working with me is fun because I try really hard to make whatever we are doing fun.  Recently, it seems that everyone is working on homophones and spelling challenges.  I make games out of it by writing the words on cards and playing "memory" or making up little sayings, like "you hear with your ear."     One of my students who came to me from another tutor shared in a conspiratorial tone, "She wasn't very fun.  You're fun."  If kids don't want to come see you, they won't learn.  If they don't feel safe and cared about, then they can't be open to learning experiences.  Kids don't want to try new things and make mistakes unless they know that you are there to support them in their efforts.  

For the next few Ellen's Choices, unless I have a brilliant idea that must be discussed immediately, I'm going to start recapping the books I've read for my 2015 Reading Challenge.  The Challenge is an ambitious attempt to read one book a week for the entire year, selecting each book based on prompt items in a checklist.   Book 1: "A Book You Started But Never Finished"   For my first Reading Challenge book, I tackled "A book you started but never finished" - and boy, am I glad that I did! I've had Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff on my shelf for years, after I bought it and read the first few chapters, but got busy and lost interest. Turns out, this unassuming little book is an amazingly unique steampunk-dystopian-epic fantasy! The steampunk dystopia is thorough and riveting - I mean, c'mon, the sky is RED! And in amongst all the civil unrest, plots to overthrow society, and men clanking around in insectoid mechanical suits, there's... read more

Look for the Latin roots in Spanish and French words that may also be found English. This helps one remember vocabulary and appreciate the connection between languages!     Here are some examples!   1. Aprender is 'to learn' in Spanish (apprendre in French), which corresponds to the English word 'apprentice.'   2. Escribir is to write in Spanish (écrire in French), which corresponds to the English word 'scribe' (escribe = he writes).   3. Dormir means 'to sleep' in Spanish (dormir in French as well), which corresponds to the English words 'dormitory' and 'dormant'.   4. Abrazar is 'to hug/embrace' in Spanish (embrasser in French), which corresponds to the English word 'embrace'.   And there are many more! Please add to the list!

Defining the scope of a project is the process of developing a detailed description of the project and product (PMBOK, 2013, pg 105). According to Shelly and Rosenblatt (2011, pg 74), defining the scope means to precisely define the specific extent of the project. For example, a statement that reads "the project scope is to modify the accounts payable system", is not as specific as the statement "the project is to allow customers to inquire online about account balances and recent expense payments".   In the article by Khan, Project Scope Management, scope planning has an intermediate stage, but once the scope definition begins, details of the scope are identified down to the work package level (Khan, 2006, pg 14). Defining a scope can be extremely iterative. In project scope development, a high level vision will be developed initially for projects, but as more information is received about the project, the boundaries and scope of the project... read more   To make attractive studies I use elements of immediate environment. Then the student has to be in practical situations and can retain information learned very soon.I use games, videos, images and objects to help students know vocabulary.Verbs are taught through games. 

To make learning fun, I use tools that enable your memory to retain the learned information. I use the individuals most enjoyable activities, to teach with either flash cards, video, audio and personal favorits, such as hobbies and learn around those vocabularies. The interactive game comes in to play, when we use the verbs that go with this subjects, to fill in grammar, in self formed sentences.

  The following is supplemental to my personal profile.  What are the options for the one you love who struggles academically?   1. First, I highly recommend educational testing. It's through the testing process that many of the underlying reasons for academic struggles manifest. The testing I give is offered at a flat rate.  At the time of this posting the rate is $50.  Most students need several hours to complete the testing, resulting in multiple visits during the testing period.    2. Once testing concludes, I assess the results, determine student needs, and meet with the parent/guardian to discuss approach and curriculum and materials.  I share my findings as well.  We work out the proposed tutoring schedule.  We discuss discount rates and travel rates if applicable.   3. For those who are able to bring the students to Brea, I offer an extremely affordable after school tutoring group.  Our... read more

Hi all! I have noticed that many tutors use Wyzant's blog feature as means of posting tips and tricks in their areas of expertise, which I think is a really neat idea. When I made the transition from student to teacher, I came to truly appreciate the helpful instruction, insight and occasional snippets of wisdom I have received from the multitude of amazing professors, classmates and colleagues I have interacted with over the years. As I would not be in the position I am today without the [great deal of] help I received from these people, it only makes sense to pass their gift along. Sooooo... Starting now, I plan on using this blog as a forum for posting the tips, tricks (and occasional snippets of wisdom) that I have to offer. Stay tuned for updates on various topics in math, physics and SAT/ACT/ASVAB test prep. :-)   Happy Monday everyone!

(1) Getting ready for the ACT can be difficult, but is imperative in reaching for that higher score. If you try to wing it, I guarantee you will not get the results you're hoping for. 2) Don’t cram.  Reviewing the test prep book and taking the practice tests are time-consuming efforts. Plan your preparation for at least a month or even two, setting aside one to three hours per day.  3) Take the practice tests, allowing yourself the amount of time that the real test gives you for each section.  If you have trouble finishing in time, focus on speeding up answering each question.  You can also practice taking each test and giving yourself 5 minutes less than the actual time you'll be given on test day. 4) Don't look at the answers in the back of the book until you've answered all questions in all sections of the practice test. Trust your own knowledge and thought process. (5) When preparing for the reading section, read the questions first.  Once... read more

As a tutor with an open mind, I like to try new ways to help my students do better in the areas they are struggling with. Sometimes we are not accommodated with the ideal "meeting one on one in person" situation; thus, both parties are in a challenging scenario where you need to choose to be flexible to continue carrying out a successful lesson. I don't turn away from helping a student, due to a simple obstacle like so. I choose to use different resources this modern age provides. I use FaceTime, Real time Google docs, and phone call sessions currently with a few of my students that are unable to always meet in person. One of my students live in a different borough while another goes to boarding school. It is really easy to get connected to help them with their needs when they need it. It also saves your money when it comes to travel expenses.   

Hello world,   I just completed my first lesson with WyzAnt today!  Scheduling the session was much easier than I thought it would be.  I exchanged numbers with my student so we could coordinate meeting at my school's library.  The session was three hours long, a little longer than what I typically do, but very useful for a Java assignment!  I am looking forward to helping out more students learn more in school.   Best,   David W.

Everyone one of us were taught grammar in grade school. We learned the rules of writing, how to construct sentences properly, when to use commas, how to avoid run-on sentences, proper diction and word choice and tons of other rules regarding how the English language "properly" works. But there's one thing we weren't really taught. In fact, most of us unquestioningly accepted these rules, rules like you should use "fewer" for countable items and "less" for things you can't count. We know how to use these rules, and by virtue of being able to speak the language, we also know how to use the grammar. This raises so many questions. Where did these rules come from? What is grammar, really, and how do we define it? Is there some kind of supreme authority on the English language that imposes these rules on all its speakers?    In a Tarantino-esque fashion, we'll start from the end and work backwards to answer these questions.    As... read more

A recent IRS Notice of Deficiency was sent to Joseph D. Scully, Jr. requiring him to pay additional tax, fines and penalties of $26,000 for a three period. This case was resolved in the U. S. Tax Court for an amount approximate to what the IRS was seeking. The main problem appears to be one that many of us have trouble with, lack of consistency. We all start out with good intentions, but over time, appointments, disorganization, forgetfulness and finally abandonment of your record keeping can occur. This is a problem that happens to many business owners and when it happens to a 501c(3) entity it can have even worse ramifications than fines and penalties, it can lead to possible revocation for failing to follow IRS code or for private benefit/inurement infractions.       The top five issues that occur with deductions are:  1. Stated business purpose is nonspecific or completely omitted      This generally... read more

Let’s be honest. Most students that begin the adventure of trying to comprehend music theory fail for the first few months or even longer. As a junior taking AP Music Theory in High School, I too struggled to fully understand the very hard concepts of music theory. I went through a whole year of stumbling my way through that AP course, just barely scraping by. It wasn't until I took 9 total semesters of college instruction in both Music Theory and Aural Training, that I understood it on a deeper level.   The point is: one or two private lessons could have helped me tremendously starting out, and probably could have achieved more in the long run. I would like to help music theory beginners understand the concepts, and I have a perspective that works. I call it the half-step perspective. When I got into Music Theory 3, which is a very advanced level on the subject, I knew I had to be able to work more quickly on the basic things. So I came up with this, you could say,... read more

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