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Word Problem Answers  

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Algebra word problem

Cell phone company A charges .25 a minute. Cell phone company B charges a $20 monthly fee and .05 a minute. At what number of minutes, will it cost the same at both companies?

Word Problem, equation

Suppose that you received an unexpected inheritance of $19,250. You have decided to invest the money by placing some of the money in stocks and some in bonds. To diversify, you decided that 3 times...

Word Problem

An isosceles triangle is one in which two of the sides are the same length. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 63 cm. If the length of the congruent is 4 times the length of the third side,...

simple interest rate

hailey earned $75 in simple interest for depositing $500 in a savings account and leaving it there for 5 years. What was the simple interest rate for he savings account?

How much will the seller pay?

The annual real estate tax on a duplex house is $20,985 and the owner sells the house after 6 months of the tax year. How much of the annual tax will the seller pay? How much will the buyer pay?...

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