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Word Problem Answers  

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math question

A restaurant charges a single price for its buffet. The total bill for a table of 6 people having the buffet was $294. Each of the 8 people at a second table al$o had the buffet, what was the total...

Multi step problem solving

Myra has some oranges to share among 3 friends. Jennifer gets half and 3 more. Angela gets half the remainder and 3 more. Josie gets half the remainder plus 3. Myra has 10 oranges left. How many did...

word problem

If a person were walking at the average speed of 2.5 mph from District 12 to District 13 and it takes a week to get there, how fast is the hovercraft traveling from District 12 to District 13, which...

percent savings problem

Your tires needs new tires, and the dealer will install them for $785. Since you booked in advance, they took 10% off at the time of booking. You then found a coupon in the paper that will take 5%...

Word Problem

Julie is a math tutor in the academic center. She charges $210 for the first 7 hours of tutoring and $20 for each additional hour of tutoring. If she earned $410 tutoring 1 student, how many total...

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