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Word Problem Answers  

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simple interest rate

hailey earned $75 in simple interest for depositing $500 in a savings account and leaving it there for 5 years. What was the simple interest rate for he savings account?

How much will the seller pay?

The annual real estate tax on a duplex house is $20,985 and the owner sells the house after 6 months of the tax year. How much of the annual tax will the seller pay? How much will the buyer pay?...

Word problem help

in 2003, the population of a certain country per sq mile of land area was 87. In 2000, the person per sq mile population was 84.3. Assume the relationship between years and persons per sq mile is...

Word Problem

A truck attached to a tree by a rubber strip begins driving away from the tree at 10 mph. At the same time, a bug steps off the tree onto the rubber strip and begins walking along the strip towards...

Lottery Word Problem

When the jackpot in a lottery gets very high, more people buy tickets. After all, someones going to win right? Suppose there are 49 numbers to choose 6 from. The order doesnt matter in which the numbers...

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