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Answers by Kathryn W.

-2x/x+6+5=-x/x+6 (answer)

This problem is called a rational equation because the Xs are in the deminators of the fractions. To solve a rational equation, you have to find the common denominator, just like you do when you add or subtract normal fractions. Here, the common denominator is X+6 because two of the fractions...

What is the domain of the radical parent function? (answer)

Domain describes what the X part of a function is allowed to be - in other words where the line of the graph can go in terms of left and right. The parent radical function is f(x) = √(x). Because you cannot have a negative number under a square root sign, X has to be zero or positive. This means...

solve the inequality 3x+7>28 (answer)

You can solve inequalities using the same steps that you would use to solve for a variable in a normal equation. The only difference is that you would flip which way the inequality sign (< or >) faces if you divide by a negative number while solving. Here, you would subtract 7 from both...

How do you find the perimeter of a quadrilateral? (answer)

Cornelia's suggestions give you some options to try, but here is another way of doing it. Since the quadrilateral graph is on the coordinate plane, you can use the distance formula to find the length of each side. For instance, if the quadrilateral is formed by points A, B, C, and D, you would...

what is a bisector geometry (answer)

A biscector splits something exactly in half. For instance, an angle bisector splits an angle into two equal smaller angles and a segment bisector splits a segment into two shorter equal segments.