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Answers by Angela C.


X will represent the number of $10 bills.  Y will represent the number of $20 bills.   Step 1:  Set up a system of equations.  What do we know from the information given?  Well we know that Jeannie has $4370 total made up of a certain amount of $10 bills...

premium or discount price/bonds (answer)

If the market rate or yield rate is higher than the coupon rate on the bond, you would not purchase that bond at a premium because it is valued under market, so you'd purchase it at a discount. Here's one way to look at it: Let's say you have two bonds and you are deciding which one to purchase...

premium amortization schedule (answer)

Hi there! In order to construct the bond premium amortization schedule, the price that the bond sold for is needed. The fact that there is a bond premium indicates that the bond price exceeds the face value of the bond. Also, are you using the straight line method to amortize or the effective...