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Answers by Benjamin K.

-25=r/3-11 (answer)

-25=r/3-11 The first step is to combine whole numbers; add 11 to both sides -25+11=r/3 + -11 + 11 -14=r/3 now multiply each term by 3 -14*3= (r/3)3 -42=r r=-42 check your answer -25= -42/3 -11 -25= -14-11 -25=-14 + -11 -25= -25 (tr...

5/3d-3/2=-1/2 (answer)

Fractions are difficult for most people.  A fraction is essentially a division problem.  This question is relatively easy (5/3)d-3/2=-1/2 First we must combine like terms; add 3/2 to both sides of the equation. (5/3)d -3/2 + 3/2= -1/2 +3/2 (5/3)d= 2/2 or (5/3)d=1 now...

How electric current flow in a wire? (answer)

A wire functions as a conduit for electricity.  In order for electricity to flow through a wire a difference in charge must exist.  This difference in charge is measured in volts.  Since Electricity is the flow of electrons, electricity will flow from negative charge to a positive...

Light's mass (answer)

Light is both a particle and a wave length.  While in all practical matters light has no mass, we find that as a particle is affected by strong gravitational fields.  If light had no mass then its course would not be affected by gravity.  

Do commas always go inside a quotation mark? (answer)

Commas and periods always go inside the quotation marks.  Question marks and exclamation marks are place according to the sentence in question.  If the question is part of the quote then the question mark goes inside the quotes, if the question is about the quote the question mark is...

what is 4/9 y=16 (answer)

4/9y=16 Fractions confuse many people.  A Fraction is a division problem.  4/9 is the same as saying 4 divided by 9.  Since multiplication is the opposite of division we can remove the fraction by multiplying 9  to each term [9(4/9y)= 9(16) 9X 4y/9= 4y; 9 X 16 = 144 4y=...

any special techniques or advice on how to tutor students ESL (answer)

ESL tutoring is challenging.  The object of ESL is to teach English without referencing the students native tongue. For beginning students I recommend using the same books you would use to teach pre-school students.  These books make reading intuitive.