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Answers by Robyn P.

Is (-1,5) the solution to {y=-1x+4 {y= -1/5x (answer)

y = -1x + 4 y = -1/5x Is (-1, 5) a solution of the above system? There are several ways to determine whether or not the solution set (-1, 5) is the solution for the system, I think one of the easiest methods to determine this is to simply substitute the possible solution into each...

how do you factor the expression 4x²+29x+30 (answer)

To factor a polymonial that has a number larger than 1 in the quadrtic term: 1) find all possible factors of 4x^2 :  (2x)(2x)  or (4x)x 2)  find all possible factors constant term, 30:  (5)(6) , (30)(1), (10)(3) and (-5)(-6) , (-30)(-1) , (-10)(-3) 3)  consider...