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Answers by Holly G.

How do you know that you are not a genius? (answer)

In short, no. High IQ is not a requirement of genius. Genius is a socially derived term referring to an individual who has a tremendous ability in one or more areas (polymath), and who has achieved to a level of significance for their society or humanity. Savant "Genius" - are people...

Bio Stat Question: (answer)

I would go with N= 48 as well. Unless your instructor wants you to account for "drop out" or account for outliers - there is no need to include them. You simply state no data was available for those two. 

How do I download 'bit torrent' software? (answer)

Bit torrent software is generally ...not legal. Many textbooks can be found online for free doing a simple Google search. Also, your library has many textbooks.As for downloading and installing any software - the instructions can be Googled. With some software, particularly the types that share...

Brian bought 3 packs of mints with a number of mints in each pack. (answer)

So your looking for the way to write that. We do not have exact numbers so we need a placeholder. In Algebra we use letters to hold a spot for values we do not know the answer too yet. With me so far? When we write that in math terms, we have to explain what each placeholder means. You might...

what are the values of y? (answer)

First simplify the equation by completeing the square, moving everything over to left hand side but keeping your = where it is. Factor the left side and simplify the right. Now use the replacement method of inserting the values given to you for X,which will give you your Y. Graph as you go.  YouTube...