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Answers by Georgia H.

Kickball!!!!!!!!!! (answer)

You want to know when the height H is equal to 0. This will happen twice - once at the start (when t=0) and later once the ball has landed. Either way, start by setting H=0.  So     0 = -9.8t^2 + 3.2t GCF   0 = t (-9.8t + 3.2)  t = 0      ...

Solve the equation: 5X^2+10x=0 (answer)

First, think if there is a GCF (Greatest Common Factor) that you can take out of 5x^2 + 10x.  The GCF will be 5x. You will now have    5x (x + 2) = 0 For 5x times (x+2) to equal zero, either one or both of these has to be equal to zero. If 5x = 0, that means x=0...

what is the y intercept of x=4y-5 (answer)

a) Slope intercept form means that y needs to be by itself. First, add 5 to both sides of the equation. You will have x + 5 = 4y. Then, divide all terms by 4. (1/4)x + (5/4) = y is now in slope intercept form!  b) The slope is the number being multiplied to x (1/4), and the y-intercept...