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Answers by Paul O.

solve the function (answer)

Cube root means: what number multiplied by itself 3 times, will give you the number under the radical. In this case, you start with the cube root of (-8) after you plug in (-9) into the original equation. The cube root of (-8) = -2 To check your answer: multiply -2 times itself 3 times...

function value (answer)

f(x) means to evaluate the function for a given number x. ("f" is just the name of the function - it could have been named g(x), or z(x) or *(x)... ). In this case they gave you the number to evaluate this function:  -7. So simply plug the number they want you to use (-7)...

answer question (answer)

7x + 8 = 1 1) Get all numbers on one side of the equals sign & leave "x" by itself on the other side of the equals sign. 2) Think of doing opposite operations (addition is the opposite of subtraction; division is the opposite of multiplication...) 3) Begin with numbers...