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Answers by Maxine M.

Solve as indicated (2x^3+5x^2-3x+1)(5x^3-2x^2-4x-2) (answer)

I was thinking someone else would answer this, I'm not positive I've done my work correctly. I would start with the "foil" method. You would take each number in the first polynomial and multiply it by each number in the second polynomial. Remember your rules of exponents,...

I need help in algebra (answer)

How do we factor m^2+4m+4; the book equation is ax^2+bx+c I always look at c first. C=4 What are the factors of 4; (2*2) or (4*1). then there is b= 4, I am looking back at the factors of 4. This may seem confusing because in this case b=c. We want to know what factors...

What is f(x)? (answer)

I was also wondering if you had written this correctly? Just as John R. said; f(x) is the "function of x" which I frequently just say f(x)=y.