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Answers by Johanna R.

63v squared-7 (answer)

First you'll want to see if each term in the polynomial has any common factors, in this case 63 and 7 both have a common factor of 7, since 63 = 9*7 and 7 = 1*7. So we factor out their greatest common factor, which in this case is 7: 63v2-7 = 7(9v2-1) Can we factor (9v2-1) any more?...

3 sin 2 z = tan 2x (answer)

To solve for n variables, you will need to have n equations. Since you have two variables, x and z, you will need two equations to solve.

D=RT Word Problem?? (answer)

Since Jessie can weed a garden in 30 minutes, her rate is 1/j of the garden per minute, which equals 1/30th of the garden per minute. Norton's rate is 1/n of the garden per minute. Working together, their rate is: (1/j)+(1/n)=(1/20) of the garden per minute (1/30)+(1/n)=(1/20)...

Can this be further simplyfied? (answer)

The only way it could be further simplified is if the terms in the numerator and the denominator all share any common factor, which in this case they do not. So no, it cannot be further simplified.

how do you solve this trinomial? (answer)

The answer I am posting was for a different trinomial question that was asked the other day. I just don't feel like writing out all the steps again since I tend to go in to a lot of detail :). But you can still solve your problem the same way if you just follow the steps that I wrote out, but...

How do you write a piecewise function from a word problem (answer)

The second piece of your function is going to be for when the kilowatts used is over 400, or when x > 400; since the first piece of your function was for x <= 400. As the problem stated, it costs 6.574 per kilowatt hour usage after 400. So if x is your total number of kilowatts used, then...

how do you solve a trinomial equation? (answer)

When factoring trinomials that are in the form of ax2+bx+c=0 these are the steps you will need to take: 1. See if the coeffiecients a, b, and c all have any common factors that you can factor out. For example, the coeffiecients of 2x2+12x+6=0 all...