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Answers by Vanessa E.

What is the vertex of y=5(x+2)^3 (answer)

Hello Cari. My name is Vanessa and I will be able to help you with your question. Now, before I begin I have a question about the problem you submitted. In order to determine the vertex form, axis of symmetry, and direction of opening you must have a quadratic function. In other words,...

How do you solve this algebra 2 problem? (answer)

Hello, Gaffney! My name is Vanessa and I would like to provide the written steps that Ralph took to solve the problem that you posed to us. Hopefully this will help you follow what he was able to do better.   Here are the three (3) steps: 1) Factor the denominators. Since you are...

How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1 (answer)

Hi Kristine! My name is Vanessa and I can help you plot the line of y = 3x - 1. In order to do this you need to follow these five (5) steps: 1) Know what each of the variables mean in an equation of a line. The equation of a line is y = mx + b where y = y-coordinate, m = slope,...