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Answers by Oren S.

d+ 2d - 8 = 0 (answer)

As has been noted above, the problem can be solved both factoring and the quadratic formula.  If you can't factor or remember the formula, you can also solve it using a process called completing the square. First, divide the equation through by a, and subtract c from both sides...

The answer is y=3x+1. There are several ways to find the answer to this question, and a few different formats in which to put the answer.  I prefer slope-intercept form, so I will explain it by that method. y=mx+b m=slope b=y-intercept The y-intercept is the value...

A cube has 8 vertices (corners, points), 12 edges (line segments), and 6 faces (planes).  One formula that works for any solid with flat sides and no holes is vertices+faces-edges=2.