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Answers by Toby B.

Unsure how to set up an equation for a word problem. (answer)

To solve for the value of the check you must take into account that the teller transposed the dollars and cents.  (e.g. gave you 41.56 when the check was supposed to be 56.41). This means that you must represent the dollars and cents as different variables within the same number (e.g. $d...

5*10+-18=n+55 (answer)

Remember the rules for order of operations: Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction (PEMDAS) There aren't any Parentheses or Exponents,, so the next step is Multiplication and Division. 5 times 10 is 50, so the new equation is 50 + -18 = n + 55  Next...

How do you simplify this? (answer)

Assuming the original problem is: [(m/4)*(n/3)]-1 divided by [(-5m/-3)*(n4)]2 The numerator becomes  (mn/12)-1. Any fraction to the -1 power is just flipped, so this becomes 12/mn The denominator becomes (-5mn4/-3)2  Squaring a fraction means squaring its numerator and denominator,...