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Answers by Suresh P.

what value is the largest a. 3/8 b.0.45 c. 42% d. 12/25 (answer)

Hi Leslie, For this question, all of the given options should be converted into the same form to make it much easier to determine which is largest. In this case, let's convert all of the options into a simple fraction. To do this, we must find the least common denominator among all four values...

z+(-3 2/5)=-4 1/10 (answer)

Hey Hillary, To solve this, there are several things to do to simplify the way this equation looks. First off, we need to make it so that the fractions can be added and subtracted across the equal sign as in any other equation. In order to do that, we need to find a common denominator - preferably...

I need help on these two equations please? (answer)

Hi Sage! For the first one, we can rearrange the equation and add together common variables (i.e. all the x's) to make it look a little simpler. Since all the x's in this equation have the same exponent -- in this case, no exponent -- we can simply add 2x + 1x + 1x to get 4x...