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Answers by Stephen M.

y=1over 4 x+2;y=4;y=4x;y=1over 4 x (answer)

When an equation is in the slope intercept form, y = mx + b, then m is the slope. Lines with the same slope are parallel (or maybe the same line.) y = (1/4)x + 2; the slope is 1/4 y=4; (same as y= 0x +2; the slope is 0 y=4x; the slope is 4 y=(1/4)x; the slope is 1/4 Which...

i need help with factoring (answer)

Hi Christian: The question and answer section of Wyzant is free. They only charge if you hire a tutor. Your question gets at the heart of what factoring is. Every factoring problem you ever get will require you to look at the problem and decide if there is any way to factor it. The only...

Gravity, height, and rock falling problem - Please help ASAP (answer)

Hi Ben: I can see why you might need help with this one. It’s an elegantly stated little problem which looks deceptively simple, until you start trying to solve it. There are a couple of things you might recognize before you even put pencil to paper. First, we are tempted to say the distance...