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Answers by Olga S.

simplify the expression 3a+4b-3a-b (answer)

Hi Devora, I would like to explain combining like terms to you. The expression 3a+4b-3a-b has four terms: 3a,  4b,  -3a,  and -b. Like terms are the one s with common variable parts: 3a and -3a are like terms,  4b and -b are also like terms. To...

How do you solve 8(4)squared? (answer)

When you solve expression with exponents, make sure you follow order of operations. I your problem multiplication written first but squaring should be calculated first because power has a priority in order of operations. 8×42=8×16=128  

simplify x+3x (answer)

Hi Alvis. Ethan gave you the great explanation for understanding but I want to give you algebraic one. You can rewrite the expression as 1×x +3×x. Now it looks like formula for distributive proprety a×c - b×c=(a - b)×c By applying distributive proprety you will get (1 +...

How to combine p - 0.15p (answer)

Hi Bonnie, You can rewrite the expression as 1×p - 0.15×p. Now it looks like formula for distributive proprety a×c-b×c=(a-b)×c By applying distributive proprety you will get (1 - 0.15)×p=0.85×p=0.85p If you noticed: the coefitient in your answer is the difference of...

How do you solve 2x^2+3x-2=0 (answer)

Hi Jasmine, Solving quadratic equation is a big part of Algebra 1 course. One of the methods is to use   Zero Product Property: if a product equal zero then one of the factors should be equal zero. It means that if a×b=0 then a=0 or b=0. In order to use Zero...

When will the hare catch the tortoise? (answer)

The Tortoise approach the Hare with rate (50-.25) ft/sec. The distanse between them is 1,000 ft. According to D=R×T formula T=D/R=1,000/(50-.25) sec

word problem (answer)

You can try guess-and-check approach. The problem says that "Large dogs were the smallest number of animals". Pick a small number (3 for example) for a number of large dogs. Use other pieses of information to find number of cats, medium dogs and small dogs. Then find the lodgin cost...

How to write it out in Expression with parentheses (answer)

If we assume that treats are divided equally among containers then Allison packed 24÷4=6 treats in each container and Hansen packed 20÷4=5 treats in each container. Therefore Allison packed 6-5=1 more treat in each container than Hansen.