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Answers by Lori S.

Help me....... (answer)

Your sentence, "Tell me the status of the balloon means it will move up or down or right or left,"  is a bit confusing.  What do you mean by status, direction?    If you mean direction, then, up, down, right, ,or left would be relative. You need to have a point...

what is ions? (answer)

Ions have a charge.  Example:  NaCl is a molecule that is formed by two entities that have charges, ions!  In this example, Na has a +1 charge (cation) & Cl has a -1 charge (anion).  NaCl is an ionic compound!  All elements listed in the 1st and...

how would you slove this equation? y3-5y2=0 (answer)

I would factor out y^2.  ---------------> (y-5)y^2=0 Now, I have two possible ways to attain a zero answer ----->  y-5 = 0                                                                                               ...