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Answers by Vivian L.

how did africans resist colonial rule (answer)

Hi Diamond;'s_War This is about the Igbo Women's War of Nigeria in 1929.   Women enjoyed higher status before colonization, and rebelled after the British began to dehumanize them.

58.52 is 22% of what number? (answer)

Hi Jessica; 22%=0.22 x=number 0.22x=58.52 Divide both sides by 0.22 (0.22x)/0.22=58.52/0.22 x=266   Let's check our work... 266(0.22)=58.52  

given f(x)=2x-5, construct a function g such that g(f(x))=x (answer)

Hi Xin; given f(x)=2x-5, construct a function g such that g(f(x))=x   g(x)=function such that when we replace x with 2x-5, the result is x. We would begin with... g(x)=(1/2)(.......) (1/2)(2)=1, the coefficient of x. We now have... g(x)=(1/2)(x) g(f(x))=(1/2)(2x-5)=x-2...

perimeter with variables (answer)

Hi Karen; length....x width...(1/2)x-1 perimeter=64   perimeter=2(length+width) 64=2[x+(1/2)x-1] 64=2[(3/2)x-1] 64=3x-2 Add 2 to both sides... 64+2=3x-2+2 66=3x Divide both sides by 3... 66/3=(3x)/3 22=x   length...

solving for A (answer)

Hi Sarah; S=(A-RT)/(1-R) This can also be written as... S/1=(A-RT)/(1-R) Cross-multiply... S(1-R)=(1)(A-RT) S(1-R)=A-RT S-SR=A-RT Add RT to both sides... S-SR+RT=A-RT+RT S-SR+RT=A

is this an enforceable contract? (answer)

Hi Bella;       The most important issue here is the duration of Meade's employment; two years.  There must have been a payment history.  This may or may not be consistent with the oral agreement.  If it is consistent, the oral contract is fully enforceable...

how do you factor sums of cubes;t^6+1 (answer)

Hi Sammy; t6+1 [(t2)3]+1 Let's say that x=t2 x3+1 According to Purple Math x3 + y3 = (x + y)(x2 – xy + y2) Input our information... y3=13=1 xy=(x)(1)=1x=x y2=12=1 x3+y3=x3+1=(x+1)(x2-x+1) Let's...

What do you do on the problem 11/6 (answer)

Hi Sara; 11/6 ---------------------   ____ 6|11 -------------------- The number 6 goes into the number 11 once...   __1__ 6|11      6      5 We multiply (1)(6) and place the result of 6 under the 11.  We subtract...

Please help solve math word problem in description below (answer)

Hi Sandy; (70 mm)/(99 feet)=(4 mm)/x Let's note that the unit of mm is in the numerators of both sides.  It cancels... (70 mm)/(99 feet)=(4 mm)/x 70/(99 feet)=4/x The only unit remaining is feet.  This is what we want... Cross-multiply... 70x=(4)(99 feet) 70x=396...