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Answers by Brandi J.

When I do use who and whom? (answer)

To add to the Joseph's answer, a little phrase that can be useful for remembering which to use is "Who did what to whom?"

can anybody help me with inequality crap? (answer)

This space is more for specific questions, such as examples of problems similar to the ones you're working on. If you're wanting to actually meet with a tutor, there is a different spot on the site where you can post tutoring requests; or, you can do a search for tutors in your area by subject,...

3{[5(c-5)+15]-[2(5c-3)+4]} (answer)

The main thing to keep in mind here is Order of Operations, also commonly referred to as "PEMDAS." The letters describe the order things should be done in: Parenthesis, Exponents, Multipication and Division, Addition and Subtraction. Within this rule, you work from left to right. In...

-3(x + 6) = (answer)

In math, when a number is sitting right next to parenthesis, it means that that number and whatever is in the parenthesis are being multiplied (same for a letter sitting next to anything, and for parenthesis sitting next to other parathesis). To multiply by terms inside of parenthesis like this,...