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Answers by Apratim R.

I need help in algebra math, and volume and surface area (answer)

Hi Aklesia, this forum is best used  for answering specific problems.  If you need help with a broad area of math, e.g. area and volume problems, you might want to look up one of the several tutorials available on the web (i.e., use Google), or schedule sessions with a tutor (whom you...

3x – 4 > 11 (answer)

We have 3x - 4 > 11.  We would like to "solve for" x, so we start by adding 4 to both sides of the ">".  This does not affect the ">".   This gives us 3x > 11 + 4, i.e. 3x > 15.  We then divide both sides by 3.  Since...

-60x^5+77x^4+6119x^3-4044x^2-99952x-24640 (answer)

We want to factor the quintic polynomial p(x) = - 60x^5 + 77x^4 + 6119x^3 - 4044x^2 - 99952x - 24640.   We will make use of the following fact.  If p(x) is a polynomial, and a is a real number such that p(a) = 0, then (x-a) is a factor of p(x).   With this in...