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Answers by Raymond Y.

how do i smiplify expressions using the order of operations (answer)

This is relatively basic and uses the following priorities: Parenthesis Exponent Multiply / Divide Add / Subtract or PEMDAS. So something to simplify may be: 3^3x2+4=? Note that x is a multiplication sign 27x2+4 no parenthesis so exponents first 52+4 multiplication...

solve inequality for the given variable? (answer)

When solving inequalities, the sign is flipped when dividing theequation. In this one, though, it's not necessary. S+9>24 make sure you're going in the right direction. In this case, the inequality is greater than a numerical value. When graphing, make sure of 2 things: 1. The line is...

What's the history on angles? (answer)

Angles have a long and diverse history. Their origin is deeply roted in metaphysics and extends far back beyond organic cognitive thinking or our planetary history. From the start of solar orbit, planets acted as satellites rotated around planets in a variable orbit measured in degrees. The measure...

4 X 4 + 4 X 4 + 4 - 4 x 4 (answer)

Remember to keep with order of operations! Multiply before addition or subtraction. 4x4+4x4+4-4x4 multiply all first 16+16+4-16 "cheat" 16-16=0 16+4=20

what are the rules of signs for factoring trinomials (answer)

Good question. Think of this as a general heuristic or a rule of thumb that works only when the first term usually x^2 is 1. I'll use some examples: X^2+5x+6 both are positive so the answer will have two positive signs X^2-5x+6 both are negative.  X^2-5x-6 this with...

x+6=3(5-x) (answer)

X+6=3(5-x) distributive property X+6=15-3x add 3x and subtract 6 from either side 4x=9 divide by 4 to get 1x X=(9/4) or 2.25

how to convert from volume to weight? (answer)

When converting volume to weight, one needs to find the density which will give a conversion factor. For example, the density of water is 1. So, 30,220 x 1(g/ml) = 30,220g. however, if you're working with something like salt: density NaCl=2.165(g/ml), so 38,220mL x 2.165(g/ml) =82,746 If...

What is an interpolation and extrapolation? (answer)

Interpolation and extrapolation can be used in more forms than linear algebra. In a realistic sense, one could interpolate what happened to the price of oil between the dates of 1975 and 1978 given that data can be obtained for reference. Because of this, interpolation is relatively safe...

-6r x (12s) (answer)

if you don't have a way to calculate the numerical value of a given variable, then simply multiply the numbers together and use both variables. -6x12=72 so -72rs is what you're looking for if there's no other equation from which you can draw conclusions or plug in variables

equations need help (answer)

distributive property here. A*(b+c)=A*b+A*c so... c=.56f-17.92 isolate f c+17.92=.56f then multiply each side by 1/.56 to get 1f .56c+32=f    f is now isolated and you now have an equation for c, given f

Located on a graph. (answer)

The following is a spoiler and contains the answer: You must not have a nice teacher! essentially you need to think of  of this as a 360 degree compass where North is top and East is right. This means that if North is 0 degrees, then east is 45degrees (we're going clockwise here to make...

can you show me how to foil? (answer)

Foil is a basic algebra lesson. Believe it or not, the name will tell you generall how to do it (First, outer, inner, last). Here's one example: (2x+3)(x-2) First- 2x and x from the first and second parts respectively 2x times x = 2x^2 outer-multiply the outsides. 2x times -2 = -4x inner- multiply...