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Answers by Brian H.

What is trigonometry? (answer)

Trigonometry is the study of measurements (and, in general, math) regarding everything about triangles. Tri-, "three"; -gon-, "sided"; -metry, "measurements". A "trigon" would be a three-sided figure (i.e. - a triangle), and trigonometry would be about the...

find all rational zerosh(x) = 2x^3 + x^2 + 8x +4 (answer)

For polynomials like this - which are easily factored - you will find that factoring the polynomial and taking all real zeros will be the easiest method. However, for polynomials which are not easily factored, there is another method - a method that you should probably use for all problems of...

word problem involving a quadratic function (answer)

Let's take this problem for an example. (I'll state the whole problem first, then go about showing how to solve it. It's long, but it covers about every special case I can think of. I use this sort of problem in my college classes to have an example for all the different nuances of quadratic...