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Answers by David U.

Find the inverse Laplace transform? (answer)

This problem can also be done without resorting to complex numbers. Complete the square on the denominator:           s2 + 2s + 5 = (s+1)2 + 4 Since the denominator is now expressed in terms of s+1, express the numerator...

dividing decimals (answer)

I don't see any reason to do this in decimal form.  Like many fraction problems, it's done most easily as a common fraction. Begin by putting the .21 over the .33.  Now you have .21/.33.  Get rid of the decimals by multiplying by 100/100.  that gives you 21/33. ...

Definite Integral best method to double check answers? (answer)

The number 8 is the correct number, and so is the process you described for how you got it.  However, what the 8 represents is not f(x)dx, but what you stated in your question, namely, the definite integral from 1 to 2 of (4x3 - 3x2).  So if you answered the question by saying "f(x)dx...