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Answers by Sheldon J.

Simplify 10/80 (answer)

10/80=1/8 10/10=1 80/10=8 In this case both of the numerator (10) and the denominator (80) have a Greatest Common Factor of 10.  You can divide both numbers by 10 because what ever you do to the denominator you must also do to the numerator.  When you divide 10 by 10 you get...

what is a five paragraph essay? (answer)

5 Paragraph Essays 1st Paragraph (Introduction.  Must include a topic sentence and let the reader know what you will be discussing.  It should also include a grabber-the first sentence that should catch the readers attention.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including...

what will the answer be n-3/8=1/8 (answer)

n-3/8=1/8 Step 1: add 3/8s to both sides (on the left side, this will cancel out the -3/8 and on the right side you add them together) n-3/8+3/*=1/8+3/8 n-3/8+3/8=1/8+3/8 n=1/8+3/8 n=4/8  Step 2: Simplify 4/8 because it is not in its lowest terms...