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Answers by Stuart R.

C = 72 + 16x. (answer)

Break even means (C)ost = (R)evenue   If c = 72 + 16x and r = 19x then 72+16x = 19x therefore 3x = 72 or   x = 24 skateboards

how do I solve the extraneous solution (8x+4)-10= -3 (answer)

An extraneous solution is a slolution to the equation that does NOT work when you plug it into the equation. 8x+4-10=-3 so 8x -6 = -3 and therefore 8x = 3 then x = 3/8. Now pllug 3/8 into the equation for x and we get 8(3/8) + 4 -10 = -3  or  3 +4 -10 = -3 which is...

Can you help? (answer)

I have been tutoring students in algebra for over 20 years. MY METHODOLGY & TUTORING GOALS: Mathematics can be intimidating to students who MUST take the classes but see no practical benefit to their future plans and goals. Teaching mathematic subjects should be brought to a level...

What is the product of this given equation? (answer)

In your text book, there is a section showing that (a+b)(a-b) = a2 - b2. (the middle term cancels out.) Applying this knowledge (ab+7)(ab-7) = (ab)2 - 72 so the answer is (ab)2 - 49    or a2b2 -49  they are the same.

Sets of real numbers (answer)

The Real Numbers are ALL numbers (including counting numbers, positive and negative whole numbers, fractions, decimals roots of numbers, logarithms of numbers etc). the only thing not included in the real numbers are the Complex (imaginary numbers). Think of  the set of all real numbers...

difference between prove that,show that (answer)

From the online free dictionary, PROVE means   4. Mathematics a. To demonstrate the validity of (a hypothesis or proposition). b. To verify (the result of a calculation).

how do you multiply radical expressions (answer)

first, you must know the rules of exponents. next you should change the radical to exponential form. then you can multiply. then you can change back to radical form.   Example:   ³√x2 = x2/3                 5√x3...

8/(x+6) + 1/(3x+18) - 14/(4x+24) = 0 (answer)

Lets start by looking at the denominators. we will call them 1 2 and 3 1) x+6 2) 3x-18 which will factor to 3(x+6) 3) 4x+24 which will factor to 4(x+6) Notice: x+6 is in each denominator.  therefore (x+6) * 3*4 will be LCM An excluded solution will...

simplify each expression . show cancelling and factoring . (answer)

18/24             divide both top and bottom by 6 to get 3/4 the factors would be 18 = 2*3*3        24 = 2*3*4 notice we have 2*3 in both numerator and denominator, therefore 6 would be common and the greatest common divisor. __________________ 7rs3/21r2s take...

Solve the equation cx/2 = af/g for x (answer)

It appears that you are looking for a test taker.  A good tutor wants to teach the student who really wants to learn the subject. This problem is easy and I a sure someone will answer it for you.

(Theta)Cos=1 (Theta)Sin= (answer)

THE SHORT ANSWER IS YES.   BUT.... YOU SHOULD LEARN (MEMORIZE) THE DOUBLE ANGLE FORMULAS AND THE 1/2 ANGLE FORMULAS TO EASILY SOLVE YOUR EXAMPLE. For cosΘ = 1 is just at what angle is the cosΘ = 1 or arccos 1 =Θ If you remember the unit circle then the cos = x/r which will happen...