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Answers by Kimberly W.

What did FDR do? (answer)

Factually, any Historian knows FDR was the biggest crook underneath Lincoln, the cause of mass poverty and starvation during the Great Depression and purposefully entered the war with Germany for profit, which the U.S. funded. Gary Dean Best points out in Pride, Prejudice,...

why was the 13th amendment important? (answer)

Factually, it did not "outlaw," abolish" or make "slavery" illegal, because "slavery," was never the issue, rather "Bondage," such as a Bail Bond/Security Bond, as the United States commenced as a penal colony; nor did Lincoln "free"...

what is a five paragraph essay? (answer)

The Scientific Method in Five Steps: Paragraph 1) Chose and introduce your topic (Introductory/Opening Statement) Paragraph 2) Pose a question on the topic and form an educated guess. (Thesis Statement) .....Do reseach to form your arguments supporting your thesis...