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Answers by Luke B.

Dividing fractions? (answer)

Dividing fractions is the same as multiplying by the reciprocal: a/b divided by c/d is the same as a/b multiplied by d/c. With your problem the x's cancel out each other, and you are left with, (56*45)/(9*8), which simplifies to 7/5. 

how do i solve 8x+7-3x=6x+19-4x (answer)

First combine terms with x's in them and combine the others to get: 5x + 7 = 2x + 19 Then subtract 2x from both sides and subtract 7 from both sides to get: 3x = 12

help with equation please (answer)

total pounds of both is 70, so: x + y = 70 price per pound in the end has to be 13.91, so: (11.6x + 14.3y)/(x+y) = 13.91

Dividing with exponents? (answer)

You set it up like you would long division: 5x6 | 30x7+36x6+35x5 30x7 / 5x6 = 6x 36x6 / 5x6 = 7 with remainder x6 so add that to next term x6 / 5x6 = 1/5 35x5 / 5x6 = 7/x So you'd get: 6x + 7 + 1/5 + 7/x Multiply that by 5x6 and you'll get te...

how do i find the number of elements in this set?? (answer)

First thing to do is draw a Venn diagram. It will help tremendously. If n(E U F)' = 33, then n(E U F) = 50 - 33 = 17, because n(E U F) + n(E U F)' = n(total). We also know that n(E U F) = n(E) + n(F) - n(E ∩ F). Substitute values to get 17 = 15 + 9 - n(E ∩ F). Solve...

How to solve this maths problem, X^4-3X^3+4X^2-8 (answer)

One thing you can do is graph is and your factors will be where the y-value equals zero (where the graph crosses the x-axis). You could also factor it as: x^2(x^2 - 3x + 4) - 8 then to: x^2( x ( x - 3 ) + 4) - 8 set equal to zero: x^2( x ( x - 3 ) + 4) - 8 = 0 move...

What is (abc)^2? (answer)

Excellent answer Mona. Another way to think about this is that (abc)^2 = aabbcc

how do you graph a -1/5 slope (answer)

slope is rise over run: so your line would start up and to the left, and go down and to the right. for each unit of movement down, move five units to the right.

x - 3 < -9 or x + 5 >= 12 (answer)

Are you trying to solve for x? Are these two equations related? Do you have any more information? If you are just solving for x, on the first equation, add three to both sides to get x < -6, and on the second equation subtract 5 from both sides to get x >= 7.