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Answers by Sean O.

man what is going on (answer)

Do you have a specific question about a math problem? Remember, on the other end of the computer is a teacher.  :-)

Equation answer (answer)

You can set up the problem with the following equation (x means "times"): 85 x ($12 - $5) - $230 = ? You multiply your profit for each pizza, which is $12 cost of pizza minus $5 to make it, with 85 times, the number of pizzas you make. You subtract form all this the fixed...

forces physics problem - Please Help ASAP (answer)

This problem is about circular motion. The formulas for circular motion are as follows: F(c) = m x a(c)   and a(c) = v(square) / r    therefore F(c) = m x v(squre) / r Centripetal force = F(c), centripetal acceleration = a(c), m=mass, v=velocity, r=radius You...