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Answers by Xavier H.

Can someone help me find the equation of a tangent line of y? (answer)

To find the equation of a tangent line, we will need the slope m and a point (xo, yo).  Then, we will use any method to find an equation of a line (i.e. point-slope form, y-intercept form).  Here, we will have to find the slope and then the point (-e3,f(-e3)).   Finding...

inverse function help (answer)

Step 1:  Replace "f(x)" with "y":  y=x/5 - 6   Step 2:  Switch the "x" and "y":  x = y/5 - 6   Step 3:  Solve for y:   x = y/5 - 6   5x = y - 30    (multiply the equation...

Find center, foci, and vertices. (answer)

Put the ellipse into standard form. An ellipse with center (h,k), semi-major axis a, and semi-minor axis b has an equation of the form: (x - h)²/a² + (y - k)²/b² = 1 If the major axis runs horizontally, and (x - h)²/b² + (y - k)²/a² = 1 If the major axis runs...