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Answers by Steve P.

I need help on finding the Circumference and Area of Circles. (answer)

For each question, you have to: 1) Decide which formula to use. 2) Plug each number that's given into the right place in the formula. 3) Solve. Here's how to do #1: It's asking for circumference, so use the C = 2*pi*r formula. Plug in "6" for the radius:  C...

How do you do a Dihybrid cross? (answer)

A dihybrid cross maps out the possible combinations of two selected traits in offspring from two parent organisms.  This is done graphically on a Punnett Square. For example, if two pea plants are crossed - and we choose to look at the traits of height and flower color - we need to start...

10ab+1/5a^2b-a+6/3a (answer)

Since 6/3=2, you can combine the "a" terms.    10ab + (a2b)/5 - a + (6/3)a = Look for common denominator. It's 5.      (50/5)ab + (1/5)(a2b) + (5/5)a = Combine all terms in the numerator and divide by common denominator.  (50ab...