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Answers by Phaidra B.

Linear equations (answer)

(6,2) & (0,-1)  represent two points on the line defined by the equation:  y=1/2x-1 How do we know this is true you ask?    Because the solution is given as an ordered pair, we can substitute the values into the equation to see if we end up with a true statement...

Solve for S: 9s - 5g = -4u (answer)

to solve for s you first have to isolate the term with the s in it. in order to get 9s isolated, I need to get rid of, or move, the 5g. to do this I add 5g to both sides. 9s=-4u+5g I've isolated the term with the s in it, now I have to solve for s by dividing by its coefficient, 9....

what is the rule for dividing positive and negative integers (answer)

The sign rules for multiplying and dividing integers are the same. There are three scenarios: If you are multiplying/dividing two positive integers, your answer will be positive. If you are multiplying/dividing two negative integers, your answer will be positive. If you...