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Answers by Joanna B.

Find the volume of the figure (answer)

The formula for volume of a rectangular prism is length x width x height. So, with these measurements, the volume would be (5x2)(4x3)(2x4). To simplify, you would multiply the coefficients and add the exponents. This gives 40x9.

what type of tests are in the end of the year? (answer)

Hi Lola, I don't have experience with New York state testing, but I found these websites that may give you some information about what you will need to know for the math test and english tests.

how much is the interest on a cd if it is quoted as .15%? (answer)

Not quite that low. One and 1/2 hundredths can be written 0.015 as one hundredth is 0.01 and half of one hundredth is 0.005. Thus one and 1/2 hundredths of one percent is 0.015*1% which equals 0.015%.  .15% is more accurately represented by 0.15*1% which is one and 1/2 tenths of one...

quadratic regression (answer)

Since the x-coordinate is the number of years a company I has been in operation, where x = 4 would be the 4th year. That point is given explicitly, no quadratic regression necessary. It corresponds to the y-coordinate 4.2 which is profit in millions. So, the answer should be D, 4.2 million....

-2(r+6)=r-18 (answer)

First, I would distribute the -2 to get -2r - 12 = r - 18. Then get all the terms with variables to the same side by adding 2r to both sides. -2r - 12 + 2r = r - 18 + 2r This simplifies to -12 = 3r - 18. Now add 18 to both sides to get all the constant terms on the same side...

what is -4 = -1 divided by 4a? (answer)

I would also start by a getting the variable "a" in the numerator by multiplying both sides by 4a. We don't want to solve for 1/a, but for a.  When dealing with equations, anything you do to one side, you have to do to the other side with the exception of multiplying my 1. Before...