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Answers by Rupa B.

How do you classify living things? (answer)

Living things are classified based on various criteria first amongst them is presence of envelope around the genetic material DNA, thus living things not having nuclear envelope are classified as prokaryotes (e.g. bacteria) while living things that possess nuclear envelope are classified as eukaryotes...

whats the Lewis structure for HOCl? (answer)

H has 1 valence electron O has 6 valence electrons Cl has 7 valence electrons  Oxygen shares 1 electron with H to form O-H bond and another electron with Cl to form O-Cl bond. Thus  Oxygen would be left with two lone pairs of electron on it, While Cl would be left with...

How many chromosomes do humans have? (answer)

Human have total 46 chromosomes i.e. 23 pairs. In males it is 22 pairs of autosomes +X and Y chromosomes and in females it is 22 pairs of autosomes + a pair of X chromosomes.

Why do plant cells have cell walls? (answer)

Plant cells are actively involved in water transportation, and thus plant cell wall ensures that the cell does not burst due to over expansion as water flows in (internal turgor pressure). It helps to maintain the shape and osmolarity of thecells and acts as defense against pressure due to inflow...