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Questions by Anna from Edinburg, TX

Physics problem

A child pedals a tricycle, giving the driging wheel an angular speed of 0.375 rev/s. if the radius of the wheel is 0.275 m, what is the child's linear speed?

Physics questions

If the angular speed of the Earth as it spins about, its axis is 7.27 x 10-5rad/s. How many rotations the Earth can make in 24 hours?

physics question

During a rescue operation, a 6000-kg helicopter hovers above a fixed point.  The helicopter blades send air downward with a speed of 65 m/s.  What mass of air must pass through the blades...

Physics question

Suppose the two speeds of a two canoes after they are pushed apart are 0.60 m/s for canoe 1 and 0.45 m/s for canoe 2.  if the mass of canoe 1 is 350kg, what is the mass of canoe 2?

physcis question

Two blocks, each of mass m, are connected on a frictionless horizontal table by a spring of force constant k and equilibrium length L. Find the maximum and minimum separation between the two blocks...

Physcis question

Catching a wave, 77-kg surfer starts with a speed of 1.3 m/s, drops a height of 1.65m, and ends with a speed of 8.2 m/s.  How much non conservative work was done on the suffer?

Physics Question

A 1.2KG block is held against a spring of force constant 1.0x104N/m, copressing it a distance of 0.15m.  How fast is the block moving after it is released and the spring pushes it away?

Physics Questions

A 0.14kg pinecone falls 16m to the ground, where it lands with a speed of 13m/s.  With what speed would the pinecone have landed if there had been no air resistance?

Phyisics question below

A spring with a force constant of 120N/m is used to puch a 0.27kg block of wood against a wall. Find the minimum compression of the spring needed to keep the block from falling, given that the coefficient...

What ws the ball's intital speed?

Babe Didrikson holds the world record for the longest baseball throw (93.3m) by the woman.  For the folowing question, assume that the ball was thrown at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal,...