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Questions by Annette from Madison, WI

Word Problem

Mrs. Lewis needs to buy two types of grain, oats, and barley to mix as a feed supplement for her cattle. She has $4275 to spend on grain and wants the mixture to be 3 parts oats and 2 parts barley...

Story problem

A model rocket is shot into the air from ground level with the upward velocity of 80 feet per second. Find the time taken by the rocket to reach the height of 96 feet.

word problem

Henry has $15,000 to invest.  He invests x dollars at 4% and the rest at 3.5%.  Suppose at the end of the year Henry has $15,575.  How much money did he start with in each account?...

Substitution Word Problem

Shelby and Calvin need 5 ounces of a solution that is 65% acid and 35% distilled water.  They have 2 flasks of diluted acid: Flask A contains 70% acid and 30% distilled water, Flask B contains...