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Statistics Answers  

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Z-score help

Your friend Zoey has a height with a z-score of -1.51. Will she qualify to work at the fire department. If the Standard dev. is 3.1 and Mean is 5ft 4 inches.    


Which data would be most suitable for a pie chart? Why not the others? a. Presidential vote in the last election by party (Democratic, Republican, Other). b. Retail prices of six major...


Which data type (categorical, numerical) is each of the following and what is its level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)? a. Your current credit card balance. b. Your...


Tell if each variable is continuous or discrete. a. Tonnage carried by an oil tanker at sea. b. Wind velocity at 7 o’clock this morning. c. Number of text messages you received yesterday...


Which statement is correct? Why not the others? a. Likert scales are interval if scale distances are meaningful. b. Cross-sectional data are measured over time. c. A census is always...

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