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Statistics Answers  

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Tell if each variable is continuous or discrete. a. Tonnage carried by an oil tanker at sea. b. Wind velocity at 7 o’clock this morning. c. Number of text messages you received yesterday...

Mathematic Statistics

Students in an online Statistics course reported the following hours spent weekly on the course.8.5 4.5 12.5 13 14 3.5 6.5 18 21.5 23.5Assume the number of hours spent by all students follows a normal...

Mathematics Statistics

In a survey of students at a university, 34 out of 90 females think the campus food is adequate while 56 out of 120 males surveyed approve. Test the claim that there is a difference in the females'...

Statistics Question

If a specimen is weighed 8 times on a scale.  σ = 0.001.  The average weight is 4.1602 grams.  A 99% confidence interval for the true weight of this specimen would be?

Statistic question?

If we have an SRS of 1600 students and the sample mean = 148.  Compare with an SRS of 900 students with the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval of µ is ?  the answer should be...


A single-server queuing system with an infinite calling population and a first-come, first-served queue discipline has the following arrival and service rates: λ = 36 customers per hour...


An immigration agent at an airport, on an average, could process 15 entrants in one hour, if he was busy all the time. On an average, an entrant arrives at his station at every 5 minutes. The agent...

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