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Statistics Answers  

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how do i solve this problem?

a certain type of oak tree has a mean growth of 14.3 inches in 4 years. a forest biologist believes a new variety has a greater mean growth during the same length of time. a 36 tree sample of the...

Statistics True or False

When testing a claim about a population proportion, the P-value method and critical value method will produce the same result when deciding whether or not to reject the null hypothesis. A)...

data statistics question

The owner of an apartment complex is preparing a report about the property. He wants to show how the number of available apartments changed during the year as the nearby factory closed down. Which...


A grocery store has four check-out counters. The average service rate for each check-out counter is 22 customers per hour. The average arrival rate is 82 customers per hour. Assuming it is a multiple-server...

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