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math question

Name the 4 different types of shifts that are possible with a quadratic equation. How is it expressed in the equation? if a quadratic equation is graphed with a shift...

math question

If f(x) = sqrt(x^2-1) and g(x) = sqrt(x-1), which expression represents f(x)/g(x) for x>1? Can you do the above problem and provide the answer?

Quick Math Question :)

So for one of my pre0calc questions it shows me a graph and tells me to evaluate a) f(-x) for x=-4 b) -f(x) for x=-6 -f(-x) for x=-4 -f(x+2) for x=0 and f(-x) + 4 for x=-6...

Reflections and Symmetry

Give the formula for each function. a)f(-x) and b)-f(x) 1) f(x)=1/x.....I know you have to plug in ^ into x...and I got a) 1/-x and b) 1/-(x) that right ? 2) f(x)= 3x3/(x2-1)...and...

problem solving question

Tony had an equal number of cranberry bars and walnut bars. He gave away 66 cranberry bars, he had 4 times as many walnut bars as cranberry bars left. How many bars did he have at first?

Word Problem

Diego works at a toy store. His boss tells him to order 420 stuffed bears and toy cars. He must order 4 stuffed bears for every 3 toy cars. a) If he must order 9 large stuffed bears for...

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