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basic economics please help asap

Steve buys a new coat from Don's clothing store. Don buys coats from Mary's factory, and Mary buys her material from Sean's mill. The cost of Steve's coat will go up if the workers in Sean's mill...

shifting and scaling

Shift the graph of p(x)=1/x so that x=-9 is the vertical asymptote and y=2 is the horizontal asymptote of the shifted graph. Write the expression of the shifted function.   Shift the...

Amanda's problem with money

Amanda borrowed money from her sister 3 months ago. She has been paying her back the same amount each month and currently owes her 60$. In 3 months she will have paid off her debt. Create a table...

Jess phone bill

Jessica's cell phone company charges her .10 per minute for talk time and charges $30 monthly service fee what would the table be 

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