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F(x)=mx+b story problem

A store holds birthday parties for kids. They charge a party fee plus a fee for each guest. If there are 10 guests it cost $105 while if there are 25 guests it cost $210. Find a f(x) =mx+b where...

how do you figure out -2/n =10/6

I am trying to help my son with his 7th grade math homework.  The problem is: -2/n us equal to 10/6 I want to learn how to figure this out so I can show my son. 

maths is fun

In a group of 14 children some are nine years old and the rest are eleven years old. When the ages of the 14 children are added together the total is 138 years. How many nine-year-old children are...

Earth Science c/o bacteria

Imagine if there was a campaign to wipe out all baceria.  Why would this not be a good idea?  Include the terms amino acids, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates when referring to the role of...

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