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A certain company produces a certain item. The profit, in thousands of dollars, generated by selling x units of this item, is given by P(x)=-.001x^3+3x, where x is measured in thousands.   a...


Jane wants to build a rectangular shaped dog pen. She has 500 feet of fencing and she wants to make the area as large as possible. a. What should the dimensions be to maximize the area? b...

Math Question Hard Probability

There are 3 urns, each containing 2 balls. One urn has 1 black ball & 1 white ball. Another: 2 white balls. The third: 2 black balls. The urns are labeled but through a mix-up all of the labels...

Physics Help

A heat pump is used to keep a house warm at 22 degrees Celsius.   (a) How much work is required of the pump to deliver 2900 J of heat into the house if the outdoor temperature is 0 degrees...

Statistic question?

If we have an SRS of 1600 students and the sample mean = 148.  Compare with an SRS of 900 students with the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval of µ is ?  the answer should be...

Statistics Question

If a specimen is weighed 8 times on a scale.  σ = 0.001.  The average weight is 4.1602 grams.  A 99% confidence interval for the true weight of this specimen would be?

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