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Solve the equation (logarithms)

(i) Solve the equation log2(x3+1) - 2 log2x = log2(x2-x+1) -2 (ii) Hence solve the equation log2(x3+1) - log2x2 =log2(x2-x+1)-2     Ans: (i) 2+2√2       ...


(i) Factorize the expression 2 sin x cos x - cos x + 4 sin x -2. (ii) Hence solve the equation 2 sin x cos x - 2=cos x - 4 sin x for -360°≤ x ≤ 360°


Given that a>b>1 and that 2 logab + 4 logba=9, find b in terms of a.   Ans: b=√a


If un= (1-1/n)2 , where n is an integer greater than 1, find the value of lgu2 + lg u3+ lg u4 +...+lg u(10k), where k is a positive integer and lg=log10 .

Use sets to solve the problem.

Monticello residents were surveyed concerning their preference for candidates Moore and Allen in an upcoming election. Of the 800 respondents, 300 support neither Moore nor Allen, 100 support both...

solve the problem

Use the formula for the number of subsets of a set with n elements to solve the problem.   Pasta comes with tomato sauce and can be ordered with some, all, or none of these ingredients...

How many zeros does p(x) have?

A polynomial p(x) has a relative maximum at (-2, 4), a relative minimum at (1, 1), a relative maximum at (5, 7) and no other critical points. How many zeros does p(x) have?    Answer:...

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