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math equation

A movie theater charges $8 per movie ticket. How much would it cost for six people?  Let x represent the number of tickets Let y represent the cost, in dollars   Write an...

Solve the data set.

Solve the data set.                                   Male              ...

whats this answer

Jorge wants to order an ice-cream sundae. The ice-cream parlor has 15 ice-cream flavors, 8 sauces, and 7 toppings. Jorge can select one ice-cream flavor, one sauce, and one topping. How many different...

Please help me with this math problem?

Find the critical value or values of α where the qualitative nature of the phase portrait for x'=(alpha, -1, 10, -4)x changes. (this is 2x2 matrix, alpha and -1 on the left, 10 and -4 on the right,...

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